The truth is we are sort of in a niche of our own, the Sweetgrass niche.

No, we won’t tell you that smoking is the only option, or smudging or incense. 

So we want to begin to share more ways you can embrace the positive effects of UNITY Grass in your day-to-day life.

Firstly Lets dive into Incense & Smoke Therapy

Not to get too science-y on you all, but out of all the sense, Scent is one of the first things to be stimulated when someone enters a room. A smell can trigger our mind back to a specific place or moment in time. 

Like when you finally abscond with your grandmother’s chocolate chip cookie recipe and your entire house fills with the sweet scents of your childhood. 

But beyond being a time machine, UNITY Grass smoke triggers those serotonin and dopamine receptors to kick into gear. Bringing about peace, awareness and a sense of calmness over those that encounter its deep vanilla aroma clouds. 

For centuries our ancestors have used smoke therapy to transform their mindfulness and in turn cleansing the energy everywhere around them. 

Now that we’ve gotten into the beauty of smoke therapy, here’s how to make all that amazing cleansing happen in your space: 

You can purchase hot coals from smoke shops or online alike. I personally prefer the quick sparking, incense coals. They tend to be circular and almost dish like, which makes for a lovely lil nook to set your Sweetgrass in. 

When lighting the coal you will need to make sure it is burning on all sides, my first time I got advice from a lovely human off of Youtube. If you have any concerns, I highly suggest doing the same. 

Once lit, you can dish out as much Sweetgrass as you like. I like to start with a little and add in other botanicals I enjoy for burning. Let your heart wander and enjoy the sweet calmness. 

The Second idea we have for you is a bit more of a process, but we have 100% faith in you.

Making Essential Oils: 

Now honestly, you can do this a handful of different ways, all ranging in expenses and time/commitment. 

But the simplest version I found was this: How To Make Essential Oils At Home.

The Best part of making your own essential oils is the amount you should reap from it vs. the amount you spent. Using fresh flowers, herbs and such from your very own garden to compliment the Sweetgrass is also a major bonus. Imagine how great you’ll feel when someone compliments how amazing you smell and on top of that, you’ll be feeling good too. 

Essential oils are great for diffusers and making small gifts of perfume for friends or yourself 😉 

But beyond its delicious scents and scent therapy, you can rub it on freshly cleaned cuts and scrapes which will assist in the healing process.  Furthermore, ingesting the oil by itself or in a cup of hot tea, this will assist in common ailments of the flu or any fever like symptoms. 

So in short;

We are here to teach you all about Sweetgrass and how to integrate it into your daily rituals and routines, and to be able to share that knowledge with your community. 

But these teachings did not begin with us, rather from generations that came before us who created the evolution of this amazing healing plant and caused its growth. 

Feel free to let us know how these went for you!! After-all, we are eager to interact, so follow us on our socials to learn more about UNITY Grass. 

If you are hoping to receive your own UNITY Grass to try these out or even just to use it more traditionally, head straight over to our Offering page where you can receive our offering.

Peace and Unity to all!