“It truly cannot do anyone harm to soak in more sunlight, witness rebirth and take part in growth. That’s why the Spring Equinox is such a thrilling time in the year;

Although we just experienced the New Year and are fast at work to make it better off than the last, a small fraction of us is still deep in the winter of our minds and souls. The only thing the doctor (and by doctor I mean Mother Nature) could possibly prescribe is more sunlight, brightly colored flowers and greens, and breaths full of fresh air whilst taking in the sounds of Spring. 

The Spring Equinox symbolizes New Beginnings. It is now your time to shine. 

“In my own life I find that the breaths of fresh air get longer and deeper the further I am away from 2020.” 

So here are a few things to do to harness all this lovely energy as we enter Spring!

#1 – Begin Manifestations Now

silouhette of a woman raising her right hand to the sky, sunset beach background As this time begins, we must be mindful of what we hope to bring forth to us. Ridding the negative and welcoming the new and positive is a characterization of Sweetgrass that we are always better off applying to our day to day.

#2- Start Working at Your Garden

woman watering her gardenYes, this could be your physical backyard garden that you are so thrilled for or in this case it could be your inner garden.

As humans, we are full of complex and beautiful emotions and feelings. It is extremely important that we work on these feelings and thoughts, and help them to allow us to grow instead of hinder our higher destination. So get to work on the things that you may have let fester over winter, we all have ways we can be better.

#3Accept Rebirth

The spiritual side of the Spring Equinox is its natural energetic pull towards rebirth. If you are being inspired to start something new, or start again. Do it or write it down.

Now is the most blessed time to make the changes you wish to see come to fruition in your life, love and work.

#4- Create your Own Ritual

woman meditating in Nature

Gather up your favorite herbs (of course including Sweetgrass – to order click here) stones, candles, tarot cards and have a ritual on March 20h to welcome in all the beautiful things you’ve been manifesting for yourself, in this time. Welcome this 2021 Spring season with intention and open arms. 

~ Many Blessings and to all, a beautiful and life changing Spring!