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How can I use my UNITY Grass?
~ Rolled up with other herbs of your choosing (no more than 30%) for your smoking pleasure.
~ Vaporized in your herb burning vapes, to open the lungs and chest, allowing for deeper breath and an openly calm mentality.
~ Combined with other common smudging plants to make a DIY smudging stick.
~ Loosely added to charcoal burners to be used as an incense.
~ Scooped into your favorite reusable tea-bag and poured over into your favorite mug, for a deliciously calming, soothing tea that will assist in fevers, colds, sore throats, chapped lips, amongst a plethora of other ailments.
~ Infuse 1tsp UNITY Grass into your favorite red wine for 3 days for an added unique and delicious flavour.
Is UNITY Grass legal worldwide?
Yes, it sure is!
This plant is classified as HIOD by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and has Integrated Taxonomic Information System (ITIS) number 40854. Recognized worldwide as legal and safe to use.
What type of effect does UNITY Grass have?
The aroma in itself provides one stimulus. Being a sensual earthy scent it works great as a scent masker, hiding the smell of anything you combine it with, works also as a mild aphrodisiac and air cleanser. However, when inhaled, either by rolled joints combined with other botanical, or simply vaped, will provide another effect.
Smoking it will give stimulus faster, ensuring you a perfect instant stress reliever with an effect similar to CBD.
How much do I receive in one package and how long will it last?
Our standard Double Pack Offering has 4 grams of ready to use product, divided into two separate sachets of 2 grams each. As such, these sachets should last you awhile, of course this depends on the usage pattern and how often you partake in its healing. Based on the testimonials from other customers who are avid daily users, a double pack can last for well over a month.
We offer you this Double Pack, so you can easily remove one half to continue the Gift Giving Culture and pass on some to friends and family. As a gift to share, you can easily pass it then to someone else.
Where do you ethically source your Sweetgrass?
Our unique blend of Sweetgrass comes from the Boreal Forest of Northern Canada, as well as Eurasia, such as Poland and other regions. We combine the two to provide you with a very different take, compared to any other Sweetgrass on today’s market.

We sustainably source our product and ensure to never take more than our fair share, which is why we always have limited stock. Furthermore, we never take from the Indigenous communities who still use this plant medicine actively. Instead, we have made strong ties with our suppliers and are working to set up an offering to Native Canadian Centre of Toronto- Youth Program, to give back 20% share of all our net earnings.


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UNITY Grass, more commonly known as Sweetgrass, is a holistic plant that provides immense healing. Unfortunately, it is not well known to the modern society and that is why we are here.

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