As we quickly approach these gorgeous Spring months, so comes some of our favorite holidays. The Celebration of the beauty of  cannabis has just passed, and we welcome the call to action that is Earth Day. 

Earth Day is a day to recognize the necessity for and to collectively push further in the fight to save our planet.

It is also the day that we look back at all the hard work we’ve done as holistic, earth loving, Mother Nature worshiping – humans!

Sweetgrass, also called the hair of Mother Earth

Sweetgrass comes directly from the earth and is one of many healing administrators that the Universe has blessed us with, and every Earth Day is a reminder once a year to refocus our desires to aid in the great abundance our world has gifted us.

As a small business, we understand the importance of conservation and never over harvesting. We support the indigenous culture that this beautiful plant has derived from and our ancestors that depended on the earth more than we will ever understand. 

As the planet battles the doubtful, we must remind ourselves to fight the good fight against climate change and all the other man-made degradation that is attacking our planet.

So yes,

This blog’s ‘call to action’ may not be the usual ceremonial breakdown, but instead a blurb of encouragement as you travel onwards in your heroism for the planet. 

After all we are all unique and special in the existence of this world. 

So this may be more of a discussion than a blog post ~
What do you hope to do on this earth day? In this next year, to help your planet?
What are some positive affirmations you like to make for your world while using your Sweetgrass?

If you are looking for some fresh ideas… 

Here are some positive affirmations to use on this Earth Day:

“I am bountiful in love, as the Universe is bountied in greenery, lushness and beauty.”
“I find beauty in everything around me, I find love in the natural world that gives me life.”
” I am grateful for the beauty of the world, the health it gifts me, the love I am able to find within it. “


Let us know what affirmations make you feel loved and surrounded by the beauty of the Universe today and every day. We are bringing our  offering to you so you can share it with your friends, followers, and fellow humans. 

Peace & Unity to you all! Blessings