Build Unity Community

We are here to help educate and share an ancient tool for Connection & Unity.

Here is where your support will go…

We follow in the ancient tradition of the Sweetgrass plant being a monumental icon of the Gift Culture. A gift to those you care the most for, a gift of positive energy, interactive healing and beautiful interconnection with the humanity surrounding you.

This is a sacred and powerful gift of tranquility, a gift that stimulates you. Bringing in uplifting and healing vibrations, which is why we give it only as an OFFERING.

Easily accessible and openly sharing our knowledge on ways to use and harness this plants immense capabilities.  


With your support and belief in what we stand for, we can continue to spread the message of Unity through Sweetgrass. More importantly with your aid we are able to give back to those who began the Gift Culture surrounding this plant, The First Nations Peoples of Canada.

Every offering and donation directly donates 20% through our Unity Community to the Native Canadian Centre Of Toronto- Youth Program.  

woman meditating on patio tropical place

Benefits of Sweetgrass:

• A sacred herb which has the property to bring positive energy to the mind, body and spirit

• Dispel negative energy, elicit emotional strength, and engage our minds and senses

Healing Aroma

Knowing the true value and energetic healing of this plant, our mission is deeply rooted in Gift Culture.

We designed our package with the intent to be used as a gift to those you love, simply cut the flip package in half and share the good vibrations!

Not only to offer you the gift of Sweetgrass, but also to share the universal message of UNITY.

UNITY among all of us and UNITY with the powerful nature of our Mother Earth.

Enjoy the Magic!

Please Help To Support Our Global Mission

Giving back is a one of our Sacred Pillars, for to receive we must give.

20% of our net profits goes to support The Native Canadian Centre Of Toronto- Youth Division.

This is a core mission of ours to be able to share love, light, healing and support to the ancestors of those that grow, harvest and share the knowledge of the ancient Sweetgrass Plant.